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About ETHOS Hospital

Ethos Hospital is one of the reliably & pinnacle name in Hadoti Region that is situated in assessable location from all routes kota city. Ethos is created by deep insights of ethical practices & parallel to this we are ethical hospital which always act ethically in each direction of treatment and medication. We have accommodated strength of 250 bedded super speciality facilities. We intricately understand the very need and delicacies of the healthcare and medication service. Keeping all mandatory requisite service of healthcare in mind, we provide feasibly qualitative service of healthcare excellence in all execution of sophisticated dealing. This Hospital is Designed to serve all section of the society with a motto to provide easy and hygiene treatments.

Started in 2022, the hospital has amicably assured par degree of comfort, compassion and devoted service of medication and healthcare. We always have better benevolent intent towards financially and socially weaker section of communities belonging to poorer and unprivileged section of society after granting them financially aid and free check up facility.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in service in utmost care in all perfection of nursing, care, medication, treatment, checkups in all exquisite execution in accordance the established codes and ethics of medication mannerism. Our main goal is to provide sublime perfection of medication amenities under one roof.

We never distinguish the patient in accordance their heterogeneous multitudes of their richness of prosperity; we devotedly pay our best efforts through qualitative remedial mechanisms of medication and treatment in way to eradicate the acute to chronic illness of patients; we believe in ethos as Medication as a harmoniously perennial duty of Physician towards amicably ambient care for mankind.

Our vision is to provide world class treatment at very nominal cost to each patient & parallel to this we are working to save each human life on the basis of our clinical excellence & up coming technologies.

Hospital vision & mission is to foray into more charitable free health check-up camps with organizations, resident welfare organizations.








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The hospital design is great, staff is a little slow but doctors are good.

Pratyush Shrivastav


Ethos hospital is the best hospital in kota rather hadoti region

Anita Sharma


Dr.surya is very talented and by nature very sweet also. I am very satisfied

Chandra Prakash


The service is excellent, all the staff treat the patients like their own family members. It feels like we are in a hospital building but no, we get service like a 5 star hotel.

Akshay Prabhulkar


Ethos Super speciality hospital vest & very good facility

Narendra Dhakad


Best hospital for RGHS/Chiranjeevi/Cash in Kota

Kaushal Rathore


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